Three Star cookery school offer

If you’ve started the year full of good intentions and keen to learn new skills, then we’ve got just the thing for you. London’s only Three Star Food Made Good rated cookery school is offering our readers an exclusive discount on its courses. Read on to find out more about this very special offer from Cookery School.

January’s magazines and newspapers have been full of New Year, New You features and, not to be outdone, we’ve got a terrific offer to help transform your relationship with food.

Three Star Rated Food Made Good Cookery School (the only London cookery school with Three Stars) is giving all of you, our lovely readers, the chance to enhance your cooking ability – at a special discounted rate.

Whether you’re a novice want to master the basics, so you can return home to rustle up a few basic dishes. Or maybe you’re a more experienced cook keen to hone your technique in one particularly tricky skill. Cookery School, in the heart of London’s West End, can cover both bases as well as provide an essential part of a cook’s education, understanding the materials with which you’re working – where they’ve come from, how they’ve been produced and their footprint on our planet.

Despite its London home, the school still manages to give students lots of lovely local produce to work with, including honey from Regent’s Park. There’s also a strong emphasis on healthy eating, with pupils given the chance to learn about healthier cooking methods and find out about catering for special dietary requirements.

The SRA team spent a morning at Cookery School just before Christmas. Founder Rosalind Rathouse enthused each and every one of us with her passion for great food, made with the very best ingredients. Our mince pies really were all the better for the organic eggs, butter and flour from a named mill and an explanation of why they help to make the difference.

So, aprons, wooden spoons and sharp knives at the ready, here’s your exclusive code that’ll entitle you to a 10% discount on classes and courses – CS-SRA-10. You have until 8 February to redeem it.

You can contact Cookery School on 020 7631 4590 or [email protected] and view a full list of courses here

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