Want a better food future? Choose a One Planet Plate

By Abigail Englefield, One Planet Plate Project Manager

Now, more than ever what we eat and where we get our food matters. Whether we are reducing our carbon footprint, protecting depleted fish stocks, supporting local businesses or eating seasonal produce or clamping down on food waste. Food presents us with multiple ways to make a positive impact on the environment. 

We wanted to create a campaign that supported both businesses and diners to use food as a force for good. How could we encourage people to make positive choices when dining out (or at home) and inspire chefs to rethink dishes for their menus. One Planet Plate was the answer!

One Planet Plate, presented by HSBC, is our bid to champion the most sustainable dishes on restaurant menus, not just in the UK, but globally. With a dynamic directory of delicious dishes, to suit the palates, pockets and priorities of everyone – wherever they are, we’ve now set ourselves the goal of facilitating the sale of 5 million better meals in 2022. To reach our goal we are calling on all chefs, restaurants and diners to come together in their shared passion for #FoodMadeGood.

We’re already off to a flying start, with more than 2,000 sites championing their most sustainable dish. What do those things mean – ‘championing’, and their ‘most sustainable dish’. In reverse order…

What makes a dish a One Planet Plate?

It can be a pre-existing customer favourite or brand new creation. It must though meet at least one of five criteria:

  • CELEBRATE LOCAL: Use locally sourced, seasonal and non-intensively farmed produce 
  • WASTE NO FOOD: Rethink how food surplus or common by-products are used 
  • FEATURE MORE VEG: Shift the proportion of animal protein towards plant-based ingredients 
  • SOURCE SEAFOOD SUSTAINABLY: Serve seafood from sustainable stocks, and educate diners on the choice 
  • LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT: A dish that is low in emissions from farm to fork 

What do we mean by championing?

Too often the most sustainable dishes are the Cinderellas of the menu, never afforded centre stage. No more! One Planet Plate is a massive opportunity to showcase and shout about these dishes, to put them front and centre of the menu and post about them on the menu – using their sustainability story AND their deliciousness to make them the top sellers.

Already restaurants like Rosa’s Thai have been showing how to boss social with their One Planet Plate. Caterer, Gather & Gather Ireland have made their own film to promote the weekly changing One Planet Plates they’ll be serving every Thursday.

Asma Khan’s stunnig Beetroot Raita

Brilliant chefs, cooks and influencers like Asma Khan, Thomasina Miers, Grace Regan and our very own President Raymond Blanc OBE, came together to create this short film demonstrating the range of wonderful dishes they’ve created, and which are available to find, order and enjoy on the One Planet Plate website. For keen cooks who can’t make it to any of the restaurants, there’s always the option to make their chosen One Planet Plate at home.

The campaign is not confined just to the UK, with Singapore part of the launch and dishes submitted from the Worlds 50 best restaurants across Dubai, Japan, Australia and Italy (to name a few.)

If like us you’re hungry to make a difference, let One Planet Plate help you and others use the power of our appetites and search here. Chefs, if you haven’t already, submit your One Planet Plate here.

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