Why Troxy is the perfect venue for our Food Made Good Awards 2019


We put our events’ venues through their paces because we know you want to leave at the end of the night feeling good about the whole experience. You wouldn’t expect anything different. So we were delighted to discover that the venue for the Food Made Good Awards 2019, Troxy, has definitely got its house in order and thought we’d share some of the good stuff in advance of the big night.

The bright sparks running the place have ensured that almost all the lights are LED. And the lights, like the rest of the building, are powered by 100% green energy created by anaerobic digestion – all the more important in a building with a huge lighting and audio set-up.

The Food Made Good Awards ceremony is a night for celebrations for sure, but if water floats your boat more than any of the fabulous array of stronger drinks on offer and you’ve brought your own bottle, just ask at the bar and they’ll be happy to refill it for free. As you can imagine, this forward-thinking approach has seen Troxy slash its plastic consumption. We’ve lined up a quartet of fabulous street food traders, but rest assured that any leftovers will be recycled.

That’s just part of Troxy’s mission to get drastic with plastic – don’t try asking for a straw as there aren’t any!

If the staff are smiling, it could have something to do with the fact they are all paid London Living Wage as a minimum.

Join us for the Food Made Good Awards 2019 on 5th November for what should be a cracking good celebration, but, thanks our hosts, won’t be a bonfire of the vanities.


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